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Lynda.com Photoshop Top 40 Complete - Interactive Video Tutorials

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Lynda.com Photoshop Top 40 Complete - Interactive Video Tutorials

Post  ahmadzaki75 on Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:29 am

Nah ambik video tutorial Photoshop Top 40 Complete, aku bagi hadiah kat korang sume. jocolor

Lynda.com Photoshop Top 40 Complete - Interactive Video Tutorials
LANGUAGE: ENGLISH | 960X600 | 30 FPS | X264 ~ 126 KBPS | AC 128 KBPS | MOV | 1.07 GB
Genre: video Training


There's nothing people love more than lists, and Photoshop Top 40 offers a great one, highlighting the best features in Photoshop. Deke McClelland counts down to #1 to #40 with a new video each week, detailing one great feature after another in this popular digital imaging application. The videos cover tools, commands, and concepts, emphasizing what's really important in Photoshop.

Topics include:

* Assembling multiple pieces of artwork with layer comps
* Creating a black-and-white image from a color photograph
* Merging multiple channels to create an alpha channel with calculations
* Selecting images with the Pen tool
* Masking images using the Brush tool

Top 40 Tutorials:

40. Reset and Purge
39. Layer comps
38. Vector type
37. The fill functions
36. Black and white
35. Refine Edge
34. Save for Web (and Devices)
33. Calculations
32. The Pen tool
31. The Brush tool
30. Actions
29. Liquify
28. Hue/Saturation
27. The Crop tool
26. Dodge and Burn
25. Selection calculations
24. Curves
23. Color Range
22. The Healing Brush
21. The Gradient tool
20. Free Transform
19. Luminance Blending
18. Smart Objects
17. Layer Effects
16. Adjustment Layers
15. Alpha Channels
14. Gaussian Blur
13. File Info
12. Camera Raw
11. Opacity and Blend Modes
10. Color Settings
9. Levels
8. The Eyedropper
7. Undo, History and Revert
6. RGB, CMYK, Lab
5. The Sharpen Filters
4. Navigation
3. Image Size
2. The Layers Palette
1. Open and Save

hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part1.rar.html
hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part2.rar.html
hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part3.rar.html
hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part4.rar.html
hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part5.rar.html
hotfile.com PShop.Top40.part6.rar.html

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